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Your belongings are unique to you and so is your Restoration Plan. Here is an overview of what to expect throughout the process.

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Call Us as soon possible. The faster we are on site, the higher our rate of recovery.

After surveying the situation and quickly containing the source of damage, we’ll devise the strategy for restoration. Upon your approval, your Restoration Plan will be formalized.

Our Contents Team works alongside our Mitigation Team, or other chosen restoration company, to reduce the potential of further negative impact.

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Recovery prioritization is set based on your needs.

Each item removed from the dwelling or building is meticulously catalogued, packed out, cleaned, and stored according your Restoration Plan.

Revitalized Restoration’s mobile Content Recovery Unit, facilitates faster restoration of personal belongings. We can restore many items without transporting them off your property.

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To ensure restoration to pre-loss condition, design sessions may be scheduled intermittently during the project.

Features such as reclaimed wood floors, solid wood enhancements and architectural elements can often be dried and restored in place using our advanced technologies.

We give you secure system sign on to view our progress.

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When your restoration project is complete, we’ll do a deep clean per the Restoration Plan.

After the deep clean, all belongings that have been securely stored, awaiting restoration to be finished, are moved back in. We unpack them and reset everything.

Your Client Services Specialist oversees the entire operation to assure your property is Revitalized to your satisfaction.

Post-Loss Content Management

What are contents? Imagine if you were to pick up your home or business and turn it upside down. All of the items that would fall out are considered contents. Your belongings, things you use everyday, sentimental items, clothing, furniture, etc. are all contents.

Every affected item is assessed to determine the level of restoration required to bring it back to pre-loss condition. Between our Contents Cleaning Unit, Restoration Team, and global network of restoration specialists, we can restore just about anything. Restoration of contents is often referred to as Contents Cleaning.



Stained Glass

This Tiffany chandelier was smoke damaged in a house fire. We carefully removed it from the ceiling and hand-cleaned every piece of glass and crevice. We then reinstalled the chandelier when the home was ready.

Types of Damage

We are experienced with all kinds of damages. Below are some examples.

Water Damage
Category 1

Water that originated from a sanitary water source and has not come in contact with potentially hazardous contaminates.

Category 2

Water that has been contaminated and could be hazardous to anyone coming in contact with it.

Category 3

Grossly contaminated water that is hazardous to anyone coming in contact with it.

Sewage Damage

Referred to as a Category 3 water loss. Caution is taken to avoid cross contamination on and off the jobsite. We use ATP testing to determine if items are coming clean. On the ATP scale 30 and below is considered “food safe”. Anything above that is considered contaminated. We have processed personal property reading 2000+ and successfully recovered them.

Mold Damage

Mold is a fungal growth that develops on wet materials. Mold, also known as microbial growth, is a natural part of the environment. There are many different types of microbial growths. Microbial growth plays an important roll in nature by breaking down dead organic matter. However, inside your home microbial growth can be toxic to humans and animals. Without proper containment and abatement protocols, microbial growth can spread rapidly from room to room.

Fire Loss/Smoke Damage

With fire damages there are three categories of damage: damage from flames of the fires, smoke damage, and water damage from putting out the fire. Each category of damage from a fire has to be treated differently and is also determined by the cause of the fire, i.e. grease fire, electrical fire, wildfire, and other origins.

Rodent Damage

Due to diseases rodents carry, it is imperative to have any personal property sanitized after contact. Most of the time, rodent damage isn’t noticed right away which elongates exposure. We recommend hiring an exterminator to eliminate the rodent problem and then allow us to do the recovery of any effected personal property.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup

This is a specialized field within restoration services that deals with the aftermath of crime scenes, accidents, suicides, homicides, unattended deaths, and other situations involving biohazards. We are trained to handle these sensitive situations with compassion and discretion while ensuring affected areas are cleaned and restored to safe conditions.

We adhere to strict health and safety regulations. Our objective is not only to clean and sanitize the environment but also to help mitigate emotional impact on survivors by restoring a sense of normalcy to the affected premises. This work is challenging yet crucial for community health and safety, providing an essential service in times of crisis.


Broken Table

This collectible table was crushed while firemen were extinguishing a house fire. We were able to retore it to better than pre-loss condition by strengthening it and reviving it’s vibrant colors while leaving the patina of age so not negatively effect its value.


Insurance Assistance

We develop a close relationship with your insurance company and adjuster to advocate on behalf of your loss and you. We stay in contact with them throughout your entire Revitalized experience.

Your assigned Client Services Specialist will review your insurance policy, personal property replacement policy, and scheduled items. They will work directly with your insurance company and adjuster to confirm your coverage and any limitations and provide all documentation from our initial contract to inventory reports. This helps alleviate potential confusion. We are very good at staying within budget parameters.

When comprising the outline of the Restoration Plan, your Client Services Specialist will make certain you are well informed and able to make educated decisions regarding the restoration of your property.